The following grades of wood are available:


Clear grade is the highest grade of flooring available in exotic species of wood.


Select grade is the highest grade available in domestic wood flooring. It will be free of virtually all imperfections and will offer the most uniform color. It will have a very smooth surface for finishing. This grade is recommended for very formal settings.

#1 Common

Mid-grade flooring (also called #1) is a slightly less-perfect wood. It may have a few worm holes or knot holes (depending on the type of wood). It may have more of a mixture of tone and color. However, the wood itself is no less durable than Select.

#2 Common

Rustic flooring is so-named because it has a less-formal look when installed. The wood may have more of a "cottage" look and feel, with more sapwood, heartwood and color variations. Again, the quality and durability of the finished floor is the same as that of Select.

Examples of Select, #1 and #2

Hickory, Select

Hickory, No. 1

Hickory, No. 2

So, the main thing to remember is:
All these wood flooring grades will give you a beautiful, durable floor.
It's simply a matter of aesthetics.

(Samples of all grades are available at our warehouse, as well as sample boards with different finishes.)

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